SMARTWORKING – The week dedicated to smart-work has started in Milan

SMARTWORKING – The week dedicated to smart-work has started in Milan

The week dedicated to smart-work has started in Milan.

Through smart-working, enterprises can become open spaces in the literal meaning of the word: people can work in chosen conditions between outside and inside, physical and virtual, task and objective. In this way it is possible to offer to the employees the possibility of trying to work outside the physical space of the enterprise, with flexible timings and/or through co-working stations.

In order to create an IT infrastructure which makes the enterprise smart, accessible and protected, the support of technology becomes essential.

The process of remotization initiated by smart working, if not properly protected, can become dangerous for business data and contents.

It becomes hence essential to make the business contents easily available and usable for those employees who decide to pursue the way of flexible working (let’s think about how much the impossibility or incapability of accessing to business contents can cost. Furthermore it is necessary to adjust the infrastructure for its correct protection from remote accesses.

Easytech offers several services to help the enterprises become smart securely.

We resell and are certified partners of Microsoft, which offers a cloud service that guarantees advanced security and data protection through Office 365.

Thanks to Office 365 it is possible to access to the business files in mobility and with any device, ensuring also the opportunity of sharing the contents among collaborators, without giving up on their protection.




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