IT security – The importance of protecting the enterprise

IT security – The importance of protecting the enterprise

IT security:

within the enterprise field, most of data (if not the nearly totality) transit on the IT systems and electronic items. Hence the adjustment of infrastructures must be necessarily followed by the adjustment of the IT security systems, for the correct protection of the latter.

Essential are the protection of our clients’ resources in the interest of prevention from possible IT attacks and the individuation of possible intrusions in our clients’ infrastructures as well as the definition of assistance plans aimed at containing the damages in case of an IT attack.

According to a research, more than one third of societies admit of not knowing how to behave in front of a cyber-attack.

In order to solve a problem caused by an IT attack, 75{53342ce7a0878997f66c2ad73f51acc00ef824a42da45b6646b6dbba62a8ec5c} of victims declares to having spent maximum € 1400, 6{53342ce7a0878997f66c2ad73f51acc00ef824a42da45b6646b6dbba62a8ec5c} about € 6500 and 4{53342ce7a0878997f66c2ad73f51acc00ef824a42da45b6646b6dbba62a8ec5c} around € 13,000. The economic loss resulting from these attacks is hence considerable.

Since May 2018, after the introduction of GDPR regarding the security policies for data processing, it will be necessary to adapt your own IT infrastructures in order to prevent any loss, violation and illegal disclosure of sensitive data.


In order to analyze the existing security measures and take action, Easytech offers security audit to its client enterprises, suggesting solutions capable of preventing IT attacks, accidental loss of data or violation of the latter.

Contact us for a safety audit.


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