IT security is concerned with three principal concepts: confidentiality, integrity and data availability.


When it comes to IT security three main concepts are concerned: confidentiality, integrity and data availability.

A disaster recovery plan correctly set up requires the respect of minimum security measures which consist of virtualized IT infrastructure and with 3-2-1 backup as well as  activation of devices and perimeter protection of both services and endpoint like UTM, firewall, antivirus, anti-spam and authentication systems.

The lack of activation of correct IT security policies causes risks related to the data and lack of conformity regarding the most recent European directives, which is the new GDPR General Data Protection Regulation- UE regulation 2016/679 in the matter of privacy and protection of personal data.

Through IT security audits and thanks to the collaboration with legal consultants specialized in terms of privacy, Easytech verifies the IT security level of your enterprise, suggesting which tools and processes are better to be integrated in order to improve the protection level, to reduce the risks, to make you compliant to the normative and last but not the least, to ensure your business continuity.

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Easytech chooses Watchguard as a reference vendor, as well as being a certified partner.

A UTM Firewall device allows to work on network protection at perimeter level, protecting the internal network from the external, filtering data packets in entry and exit and the evaluating the application content (packet filtering and content filtering).

Why Watchguard? Because it respects the ISO/OSI Layer 7 standard model respecting all communication protocols, starting from the physical level till the application level.

It ensures scalability with hardware progresses and the management console is simple and accessible from anywhere. International aknowledgements proved that its operating system is the best of the sector

Easytech chooses Libraesva as reference vendor, as well as being a certified partner.

This solution is much more than a simple antispam: it is an E-mail Security Virtual Application (ESVA), which works at perimeter level, through fourteen protection filters, verifying the e-mail traffic before it reaches the e-mail servers.

There are several reasons to choose it, here are three:

  • Remove the spam, without risks of losing useful messages
  • Reduce the risk of downloading malware at 99,99{53342ce7a0878997f66c2ad73f51acc00ef824a42da45b6646b6dbba62a8ec5c}
  • Insuring that our messages reach the beneficiary without being tagged as spam

But why Libraesva? Because this solution is confirmed year by year on the international market, Virus Bullettin as witness.

Easytech chooses Symantec as a reference vendor.

The activation of an endpoint antivirus corresponds with minimum measure of IT security at client protection level.

According to recent statistics, 65{53342ce7a0878997f66c2ad73f51acc00ef824a42da45b6646b6dbba62a8ec5c} of targeted attacks hit small and medium enterprises and the Endpoint Protection Small Business version, with 5 protection levels dedicated to clients and servers, offers different advantages:

-light and unique agent
-Cloud console
-Remote Monitoring
-Intuitive interface
-Mac protection
-Optimal performance

Why Symantec?

Because in addition to offering a valid IT security solution and of proved efficiency, in 2017 it was confirmed as leader in endpoint system protection in Gartner Magic Quadrant for the thirteenth time.

Easytech chooses Symantec as a reference vendor.

A multiple factor solution for identification or strong authentication ensures the identity protection during the access to any cloud or on-premises application.

The authentication can be managed in different ways: mobile/desktop OTP, push verification, security token/card OTP, Biometric Fingerprint, Voice Call OTP, Device ID.

Why to choose strong authentication solutions? To work from any device, simplify remote accesses, provide secure and universal accesses, deny the access to compromised and non-authorized device, by choosing a 20-year proved experienced partner with 80 million monthly validations.