A new global-level hacker attack, WannaCry.

Among the victims of the new virus Wannacry are the English sanitary structures , FedEx computers and Bicocca University in Milan.

The ransomware operates blocking machines and encrypting data, demanding ransom payments in bitcoin for their decryption.

It spreads exploiting the vulnerabilities of the network, blocking the “victim” PC in first place and propagating automatically through a worm code in all the vulnerable PCs in the network system and in all the storage systems directly configured on the PC.

In order to get the malware it is enough to open an infected attachment, (even by a single user). This will cause the spreading of the malware on all the non-protected and/or non-updated computers in the enterprise network.

Differently from other circulating ransomware, WannaCry is not only based on spreading through phishing emails with dangerous links and attachments.

At the moment the conditions required for the virus to spread are clear, (non-updated operating systems, non-protected stations), but the way in which the infection is spread is still not clear (whether through email, links or infected attachments).

It is suggested not to open any links or attachments coming from suspect e-mails.

In order to protect your infrastructures properly, it is necessary to endow your enterprise will all those (certified) tools which can prevent the virus to spread like wildfire.

Easytech can ensure all the necessary systems for the complete protection of infrastructures to its client enterprises.

We resell and are certified partners of Easyesva (e-mail protection system), Symantec (for costumers protection and certified for having prevented 99.9{53342ce7a0878997f66c2ad73f51acc00ef824a42da45b6646b6dbba62a8ec5c} of WannaCry ransomware) and Watchguard (UTM firewall, which identified and blocked the spreading of the virus through its service APTBlocker).

Click here for further information and updates about WannaCry ransomware.

Credits: La Repubblica

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